Pokemon TCG (Oh no)

You may be coming here from Youtube (which you can watch here if you haven’t already – opening the Darkai Mythical Collection box), or you may have no idea what I’m about to say, but sit down and let me tell you a story – it’s a short one, don’t worry.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was posting pictures of some of the new Pokemon cards he’d got. I was vaguely interested because, well, I like Pokemon. That night I had a dream about the cards. I can’t exactly remember it now, from what I can remember I was simply opening up a bunch of booster packs. And thus, a very tiny seed was planted, one I didn’t notice at the time.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I was watching a vlog on YouTube (from BayleeJae) and she was opening Pokemon cards or talking about them. I thought about the dream I had and I thought ‘well, it’d be nice to collect cards again, but I have no one to play with!’. I tweeted such a thought and a couple of people replied to me. Good news! But what would I collect? I’d probably just want one of every Pokemon, I’m not interested in collecting the sets’ I said to myself.
I watched a few more videos about Pokemon cards, branched out to some random searches. The urge grew. I happened to be planning to pop into Game later that day to trade in some games, and thought whilst I was there I might as well get some cards for the fun of it. I even got a cute little Gyarados pin!
Settled. I opened them, enjoyed them. Watched some more videos. The next day I was definitely becoming hooked. So much so, that by the afternoon, I’d decided I wanted to start collecting sets, I just didn’t know which ones! Then the fact that they have a 20th anniversary one did it for me. I proceeded to have a poke around, and ended up buying 2 of the anniversary sets.

Now I’m totally hooked. I’ve branched out into other sets. I’ve bought a couple of premade decks to play with people.

It was my intention to start opening them in videos in order to a) give me an excuse to actually start my YouTube channel, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and b) perhaps just very slightly legitimise the buying of the cards. Yeah I know, that last one is a little shakey, I admit! But I haven’t been able to stop myself just opening them when I get them, instead of waiting to record it, oops!

Still, I don’t intend to stop buying them any time soon, and I certainly want to complete the Generations set. There’ll be plenty more to come, and there can definitely be some videos if I get off my but. You just wait =)


The SEC Joins YouTube!

Before I begin, apologies for the shortages of posts lately. Real life, once again, got in the way, and posts have been sat in my drafts half written for the last 2 weeks! I will try harder from now on. And as if I needed more things to do, I have a super exciting announcement, that SE Cosplay is now on YouTube!

goo.gl/qHLtIk -> Go subscribe!

Firstly, if you don’t know who or what SE Cosplay is, then you should join us (goo.gl/AWS9ND) and I’ll tell you that we’re a Square Enix fan group centred around cosplay. We’ve been running for just over 3 years and hit 1000 members before Christmas, which I think is pretty awesome! We have loads of ideas and plans for this year, of which YouTube is just one of the first.

I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while now – at least 2 years or so with any serious intent. But as it’s more time consuming than a blog, which I struggle to keep up with, I’ve just never found the time to do it. However, the SEC gives me another reason to do it. We already have an audience, and if even only half of them subscribe, that would be a pretty awesome start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not going to turn this channel into my own thing. It’s, hopefully, for all the admins to post videos, but I will probably be the one who tries to make it run smoothly. It will always remain relevant to the SEC though – vlogs of events, cosplay tutorials and anything else we can think of =p

Part of me is secretly hoping that if we can keep this up, it’ll encourage me to start my own personal YouTube channel! It would of course also have a cosplay base, but probably also more varied content. More generic sewing or crafty things, as well as non-sewing things (music and makeup perhaps?)

Moving on from that, take a look at the trailer we have for the channel. There’s also an introductory which says a little about what we’re expecting from the channel, worth watching as it’s not quite the same as this post =) Please give the videos a like and subscribe to see all our future content!

EGX 2014 Video!

Today I’m sharing with you what my steadicam at EGX London managed to produce for me. I still definitely need a lot of practice, plus I didn’t get that much footage. I tried to make the best with what I had and I think I’ve managed to pull it off. There’s one clip I’m especially proud of out of all of them, I wonder if you can tell which?

I quite enjoy taking a view of cosplay from the other side of the lens, and going further in doing videography as well is just another way of expressing creativity I think. You can never have too many outlets for it. At the moment I’m finding it more tricky than photography, since I don’t have the steadiest of hands. Obviously the steadicam goes a long way to helping this, but it’s not perfect. Perhaps just with more practice I can get it so.

Not only that, but I tend to be a bit shy and/or awkward when asking people if I can take photos or a video. So I often end up with mostly photos/videos of my friends and even then I don’t get quite as much footage as I would like. Hopefully, at MCM Expo in October, I can kick this habit of mine. I’m always surprised by the amount of footage I do get – I reckon I have about 30 seconds, but it’s actually 4 or 5 minutes, which when cut down makes about 3 minutes of useable footage. I’d love to be able to actually pick and choose which clips I chose though, since at the moment I end up using everything I have that’s half-decent =p So asking more people for video shots will give me more clips to work on. I’d still try to include everyone, but it would mean if I had a slightly wobbley shot that I wasn’t that proud of, that I wouldn’t have to use it.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings, enjoy the video =)