Pokemon TCG (Oh no)

You may be coming here from Youtube (which you can watch here if you haven’t already – opening the Darkai Mythical Collection box), or you may have no idea what I’m about to say, but sit down and let me tell you a story – it’s a short one, don’t worry.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was posting pictures of some of the new Pokemon cards he’d got. I was vaguely interested because, well, I like Pokemon. That night I had a dream about the cards. I can’t exactly remember it now, from what I can remember I was simply opening up a bunch of booster packs. And thus, a very tiny seed was planted, one I didn’t notice at the time.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I was watching a vlog on YouTube (from BayleeJae) and she was opening Pokemon cards or talking about them. I thought about the dream I had and I thought ‘well, it’d be nice to collect cards again, but I have no one to play with!’. I tweeted such a thought and a couple of people replied to me. Good news! But what would I collect? I’d probably just want one of every Pokemon, I’m not interested in collecting the sets’ I said to myself.
I watched a few more videos about Pokemon cards, branched out to some random searches. The urge grew. I happened to be planning to pop into Game later that day to trade in some games, and thought whilst I was there I might as well get some cards for the fun of it. I even got a cute little Gyarados pin!
Settled. I opened them, enjoyed them. Watched some more videos. The next day I was definitely becoming hooked. So much so, that by the afternoon, I’d decided I wanted to start collecting sets, I just didn’t know which ones! Then the fact that they have a 20th anniversary one did it for me. I proceeded to have a poke around, and ended up buying 2 of the anniversary sets.

Now I’m totally hooked. I’ve branched out into other sets. I’ve bought a couple of premade decks to play with people.

It was my intention to start opening them in videos in order to a) give me an excuse to actually start my YouTube channel, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and b) perhaps just very slightly legitimise the buying of the cards. Yeah I know, that last one is a little shakey, I admit! But I haven’t been able to stop myself just opening them when I get them, instead of waiting to record it, oops!

Still, I don’t intend to stop buying them any time soon, and I certainly want to complete the Generations set. There’ll be plenty more to come, and there can definitely be some videos if I get off my but. You just wait =)


Photoset: Officer Jenny

Bonus post time!

Character: Officer Jenny
Series: Pokemon
Photographer: Alucard Photography (The-Last-Quincy)
Location: Kitacon 2015

Also ft. Ickle as Nurse Joy!

Click on an image to see a bigger version!
I haven’t shared any progress from this cosplay because a) we were initially keeping it a secret and b) it was such a simple cosplay it hardly feels worth it! But if anyone is interested in see some of the WIP shots of this and how I constructed it, please let me know =)

Lightning Updates

Firstly, I did completely intend to post something more before now. Shortly after my first post I went to Hobbycraft to buy a ton of stuff for Lightning’s sword and pauldron and other bits, of which I was going to blog about. But then I realised, a picture of some foamboard and some paint isn’t really that interesting. It’d be much better to show progress shots of the sword being made.

Which is what I’m doing today. Kind of.
Haven’t started the sword yet, and don’t plan to until exams are over. For now concentrating on sewing, and have actually started the jacket.

So this is just the outside of it. Lining is done and looks very similar. Paused here whilst I figure out how to do the collar (used a pattern for the main part of the jacket, but needs altering for Light).

Also need to add on the pockets, with the long strips.

There will be some slight accuracy errors, but for the moment, I can’t be bothered correcting them. Things like seams, nothing major.

And then we have the jumper. My second attempt (the first just wasn’t right at all). Sleeves cut off, zip sewn up the middle. It bobbles up slightly cause of the stretch, so I removed it and have started sewing it in my hand instead. Not that I think that’s really helping much.

I will finish the bottom once the zip is in, because it’d be a silly idea to cut it before I know the exact length.

And that’s all the progress for Lightning I have to show at the moment.

This is an entirely separate cosplay. One for Tokonatsu. A gjinka of Dragonite from Pokemon.

Bought a cheap playsuit from eBay. Will get some long socks and a head band and dye them all orange.

Need to make some small wings, but I can’t imagine that’ll be too tricky. Want to keep it cheap and simple, so probably a wire coat hanger bent with some felt to cover it.
Not the best wings, but they should suffice.

Will be buying a longish white wig, probably.

And that is all the updates I have for the moment! I was going to do more to Light’s jacket tonight, but my eyes are tired and I basically couldn’t be bothered. Mustn’t leave it all until the last minute though. Although, I do have a week from exams finishing until Expo, which if I devote it to cosplay making should be enough time.