Fang Progress

I’ve got a few makeup basics/tutorials up my sleeve, but I thought I’d go ahead with something a bit easier to blog about today, plus I haven’t shown any cosplay progress in a while =)
Fang is a cosplay I’ve wanted to do for a while. Any remaining love for XIII that isn’t given to Lightning is pretty much all on Fang. I always intended to do her ‘properly’, in that I wanted to make her sari like an actual sari. I’ve changed the way I think about this now since this isn’t a competitive cosplay and I should just have fun making it, which involves making life slightly easier for myself.


Without flash
I was a bit iffy on choosing my fabric, I wanted something with a sheen or shimmer rather than pure cotton. I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with my choice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely fabric, I just think the colour is slightly off! I bought 100m of 4inch ribbon because that annoyingly that was the cheapest way to do it. I’ve started drawing and painting the design on but plan to spread this out over a longer period as I’m not in a particular rush with this. I’ve also got 2 different sizes of gold ribbons to sit either side.
With flash. Actually a much better representation of the colour
As for the rest of it, I made a small tank top out of some spare black jersey I had lying around although I have yet to slash the back (you can just see it in the above photos). Though it’s very simple, I’m pretty pleased of how well it fits. I’m probably going to buy some shorts rather than make them since you don’t even see them! (This is one of the previously mentioned ways of making my life easier).
I went bead shopping last weekend, only to find out that all the bead shops in London close on Sundays. How annoying. Instead I’m buying online which I will likely do soon. As for the boots, I plan to buy some cheapish sandles with a small heel and then make boot covers. I’ve got plenty of brown leatherette lying around, so that’ll be easy.
It’s nice to have a simple cosplay for a change.

Lightning: Makeup Test & Garbs

A large proportion of my past blog posts seem to be about Lighting, I wonder why. Current ones aren’t going to be much better!

I kind of feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with cosplay, and without going into detail about that now, I decided to stop making the cosplay I was doing yesterday and start something new today. I feel like I need a new project to start on, rather than trying to finish things that have been ongoing for a while. And I’ll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, so today I decided to do a makeup test for Lightning, since I needed to style my wig properly and why not?

And this is all because I want to make a start on all the garbs I want to do from Lightning Returns. Each one fits into a category or group so I want to make one from each group =) Midnight Mauve (the purple one in the middle) is the first one on my list at the moment! Hopefully I can start making it in the next couple of weeks, and then fingers crossed it’ll be wearable for Distant Worlds in November!


The remains of October Expo

You remember October Expo right? It was only 5 months ago. That’s barely anything.
I had a good Expo, lots of photoshoots (though I could have been more organised) and some fun cosplaying times!
Didn’t cosplay on Friday (at least, I have no memory of doing so xD) but I finally got to break out my finished Lightning cosplay on Saturday!! Had a small photoshoot (in the freezing cold) by the lovely Aaron


Unfortunately my gunblade bent when I was travelling to Expo, and so I struggled with it in the wind. And then to go home I decided to snap it completely so it would be easier to transport. This does however mean I need to fix it or remake it for May, when I hope to be in the masquerade with Lightning, but I still haven’t quite worked out what to do yet!

Had a quiet Sunday as Yeul. I wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable as her tbh. But I went into the masquerade for the first time! It was a little scary, but I’m glad I did it. I don’t think I was on stage for very long at all (of course, it felt longer to me at the time) but I can only learn.
I got some lovely photos back from Yuka, who managed to make me look much better than I felt I did!
I met her in October for the first time, after chatting a bit on Tumblr. She was lovely, and it was definitely a highlight of the weekend, meeting someone I admire =]


And as I mentioned, I did a bit of photography of my own! Various shoots for various people. It was a nice learning curve, and I’m only improving more. A small selection is below. I took hundreds of images of course, these are just some of my favourites =] (I’ve got more in my DA gallery here).



And that was October Expo!
Not long left til May now, but I’ll keep things a little more up to date =p
Will get some Rosa progress up here soon, between procrastinating on my revision and writing my report. You may even get a brief post about Birmingham Expo, but I’m planning a full one for Just Cosplay, so maybe look out for that instead!

Next time I won’t leave it so long

Okay, so, a long gap between my last post and this.
Especially since that Toko post has been sat half done in my drafts for ages, waiting for me to upload some pictures.
But still, I’m here now. Life has been busy. It’s going to get a bit more chill now, hopefully.

Onwards to EXPO!

Current plans are
Friday – Lighting (FFXIII)
Saturday – Morning: Lightning (FFXIII), Afternoon: Dragonite (Pokemon)
Sunday – Yeul (FFXIII-2)

Lightning and Dragonite are clearly complete. Post-Expo I will have decent pictures of Lightning to show the world and you’ve seen Dragonite already (below).

Yeul is in progress. Beads were bought today, skirt has been started, boots were bought a while ago, wig was styled about 2 weeks ago.
So good progress. And should be finished in plenty of time for Expo.
Have also entered into the masquerade on Sunday, on my own, scary times =3

I am also intending to buy an SLR camera and continue my experimentation with being a photographer since I loved it so much in May. A few friends have said yes to letting me do photoshoots for them which is a good start =]

Tokonatsu 2012

So Tokonatsu last weekend! Went on holiday the day after, meaning I had to leave early, hence the delay in a blog. But I still had a great time =]

It wasn’t as cosplay intensive as I was expecting, but then, as I only had Lightning and Dragonite with me that was probably a good thing.

Wore Lightning for the majority of Saturday as I was in the masquerade, also managed to drag me in a Snow so I wasn’t alone =p
I am 90% sure that I won 3rd place!! As mentioned, I had to leave before the closing ceremony on Sunday so I only heard from a friend. Foxy told me he ‘had something for me’ too, so I’m taking that as a good sign.
Which means a win in my very first masquerade =3 Not something I expected to get!!

After the masq I changed into Dragonite to be a bit more comfortable and took a few pictures of some friends.
Rewore Dragonite again on Sunday morning and the lovely Jimbo took some photos for me.
It was only even intended to be a simple, easy and cheap cosplay, but man, do I love the photos from it.

Foxy took some photos of me as Lightning on Saturday, but it started to rain heavily so we didn’t get many photos and I haven’t really had a chance to go through them yet.
So, a short post, but Toko was a wonderful con =]
Full of friendly people and very relaxed. Very very much looking forward to going back next year =D



They be done!!

But first, just a brief point.
Last Saturday was Manchester Expo to which I gave Lightning her first test run. I put everything I had on the day before and I hated it. I just didn’t think I suited her at all. But it would have been a waste to not go and not wear it, so I went anyway.
And had a great reaction =3
Apparently I’ve managed to pull off that ‘doing her properly’ thing that I was aiming for. Sure, I had bits missing (the gloves and no gunblade) but everything else was done properly and not half-assed and was accurate as can be. I think that was recognised by people which made me happy =3
So I’m finishing her properly for Toko next week and will hopefully end up at least being satisfied, just about.

So anyway, gloves.
I had originally attempted to make them out of real leather. Bad idea. Zero stretch at all.
So then I realised I had several metres of a bright blue fabric to make them out of. Though it’d be easy, but from this fabric, the first attempt was too small around 2 fingers and the second was just badly shaped.
I decided to either wait and buy some more stretchy fabric or make pieces to go inbetween the fingers, giving me the space I needed.

Then I went on a brief shopping trip yesterday to buy some other cosplay supplies and ended up buying some small stretchy leggings from Primark. For £3.

Et voila. (Also shown is a previous attempt)

So let the lesson be learned. Gloves must be made out of stretchy fabric and all your woes will disappear.
Also, Primark is sometimes perfect for cosplay supplies (because I also got a £2 pair of shoes).

Lots of Lightning Progress!

Since I came home 3 weeks ago, by the lack of posting anything you’d think I hadn’t been doing anything with my time. Really, the opposite is  true as have spent a lot of that time sewing. Infact, Lightning is now very nearly finished. I will be wearing her this Saturday a the Manchester Expo. She won’t be complete in her entirety until Toko probably. But here, have a WIP montage picture =]

By Saturday, I will also have done her gloves (tried once (technically twice) and failed) and finished the fastenings on her jacket plus some other bits and bobs.
I really tried to get this done in plenty of time, but I feel like Friday night may be a late night considering I’m running off to London for 2 days =p