Expo and future plans

So in the 2 weeks since I last posted, lots has come and gone.
I spent that week trying to finish my Lightning cosplay; it didn’t happen. The plan was to get the jacket done at the weekend, the sword done two days during the week, and everything else in between. Well, the jacket still wasn’t quite finished on Monday evening, sword was made but not hinged and a single day was not enough to finish everything else.
I got so stressed over it. I did take everything to Expo on Friday, with the intention of finishing whilst I was there, but I decided it wasn’t worth it. I’d still probably have to rush it and I wouldn’t be happy with it.
So instead, I had a relaxing weekend, still wore Lestrade for a bit of Saturday and took some photos instead.

Man, I love being a photographer.

Did some shots of the FFI-IV group on Saturday, which was rather fun. And some of my friend as Auron. All of which you can see here.
Missed the big FF Roundup shoot on Sunday, as I was feeling lazy. But I’ll make sure to attend some more shoots in October.

I think I’ll write up a more detailed breakdown of what Expo was like this time.
Suffice to say, it was interesting to see it from a different side, out of cosplay.

In the future /dramatic voice
As Lightning was not finished, I still need to finish her. But I’m not planning on wearing her until Toko, so I have about 2 months to do it, which should be plenty of time.
Unfortunately, the main sword part of my gunblade snapped so I need to remake that. And come up with a way for it to hold its own weight.

Also aiming to do Yeul for Amecon. Her outfit actually looks fairly easy. I’ve already got some white fabric to use, although I may not have enough. Have the wig as well. Hopefully my mum will have enough beads that I can steal. Craft foam for the head piece and am buying the shoes.

Will likely wear both of those 2 again for October Expo, since I don’t want to make things for Expo, only rewears.
Saying that, I’ve agreed to do Trainer Rikku for next May, but, there’s always Midlands Expo to wear it for =3

Only other recent plan is to to Disney Dressphere Princesses for Ayacon next year, hopefully with a full group. Have said I’d do Snow White, who is a gunner. But if the artist does any more designs, I may have to do Belle if she does one of her =p
And of course, still planning to do Micaiah next year with J, though I’m not sure if that’s for Expo or for Aya.