A Lack of Cosplay Lately

I’m having a bit of a funny turn with cosplay lately.
Since MCM I’ve worked on very little cosplay, despite having several plans for Amecon lined up, and you know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve taken a break, albeit it an unplanned one, and I’m good with that. If I ‘only’ take 4 (or fewer) cosplay to Amecon, that’s fine, I’ll live! I’m not about to go without sleep just to squeeze in some extra cosplays to wear – it may turn out to be the most relaxing con yet, we’ll see.
But of course, it’s crossed my mind that maybe I’m coming to the end of my time in cosplay. Maybe I’m at a natural lull and it won’t pick up again – and once again, I’m okay with that!
And yet, I still have plans. I still want to enter ECG this year, I still have 3 big project cosplays I’d love to do next year. I can’t fit the 2 together just yet – taking an extended break and yet having big plans that’d be fun to construct.
Not to mention that there are still a bunch of events I’d love to go to. I’m off to the FFXIV fanfest in Germany in February, and I definitely want to cosplay for that! Plus I’d love to go back to Japan Expo again, nevermind all the smaller UK cons where I get to chill for the weekend with my friends.
Maybe I just need to take an attitude to it like the one I’m taking to Amecon next year. It doesn’t matter if I have a cosplay for every day of a con. It doesn’t matter if half of them are rewears. I can enjoy my life, even when I’m not making cosplay! Maybe I can work on a big project, slowly, over a period of months, and wear it whenever it’s complete.
We’ll see what happens I suppose, it just seems to be a interesting turn of events in my head! =)

Being Organised Part 1

I’m afraid to say that as a display, my sewing space is never particularly tidy, especially in the lead up to a convention. But considering my last con was over 3 months ago, I hardly have an excuse for why, up until last week, it was still a mess!
I’m not going to embarrass myself by showing you before and after photos, in fact, I won’t even show you the after photos because it’s not quite there yet (never fear, a tour of my small sewing space will be coming in the next few months, assuming I can keep it tidy!). What I will show you however is the main organisation of this space.

I bought these draws from Argos last year, and okay, they’re not that exciting to look at. They’re a wooden frame with a fabric covering and fabric draws – though the draws do have a cardboard base, small victories – so they’re admittedly not the most sturdy piece of furniture. Nonetheless, the serve the purpose here as they hold most of my stuff, and most importantly, fit in the limited space I have!
Previously, the draws were a bit of a mess. Things shoved in after I’d finished with them and pulled out hastily again, messing up any sense of order there may have been. I even had a large plastic box and all manner of smaller boxes and bags, filled with things that wouldn’t fit in. Through the power of actually bothering to be organised, I now don’t have stuff littering the floor and everything fits into the draws instead!

The organisation goes like this.

Top draw has all of my current projects in, as in theory they are the bits I want to get to most often. I’m trying to make enough of the WIP bags to store all the in progress cosplays I have so they’re quick and easy to pull out and nothing goes missing =)

The second draw down basically has all manner of sewing related things, whilst the third draw has more general crafting based things. So whilst the second draw has buttons, zips, ribbons and a few fat quarters in, the third has tapes of all kinds, paper, other helpful bits and pieces, as well as any small non-cosplay projects. For example, there’s some cross stitch and crocheting for me to tackle one day!

The last draw is undoubtedly the heaviest, and yet for some reason used to build the top draw. I don’t know why I ever thought there was any logic in that. This houses most of tools. Scissors, dremmel, hot glue gun, pieces for my overlooked and other things of that ilk. It’s the draw I go to less often, so sadly for it, deserve it’s spot on the bottom.

And that is how I now organise the vast majority of my sewing supplies! Fabric and paints are kept elsewhere, purely because of a lack of space. I’m hoping that now there’s an order to it all, I be more inclined to keep it that way forever =)

How do you store your supplies? Is there any planning behind it or do things just live wherever they live? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there ;))

Slow Progress on Meiko

Cosplay progress had been a bit slow as of late. I am getting things done, just not quite at the rate I would like to. As such, though I had my vague plan for one cosplay a month, I can only claim Meiko to be half finished. I have been working a little on Fang in-between times, but not enough to make the difference.

 Regardless let’s show you what I have managed to get done =)

 The corset is well on its way to being done. In fact, all that’s left is added a trim to the top and, in all likelihood, hand sewing the bias down. It has 5 layers of fabric in it, so cutting out took a little longer than I had expected! Nonetheless, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s my first time making a steal-boned corset, but it all went smoothly and is comfy to wear. It’s a little wrinkled here and there, but it fits me much better than the mannequin as you can imagine!

 The skirt was an evening job, nothing too taxing! Layers of net half circle skirts simply bound together with a zip in the back. Unfortunately it is a little – and when I say a little, I mean quite a lot – big for me, so I will probably half to rip out the zip and redo it. But that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes hopefully!

 I’ve been putting off patterning the jacket (which is the only other real major part to this cosplay) but I finally managed to push myself into it the other night. I’m still not too sure how it’ll turn out, but watch this space as it’ll all need to be done within 2 months, alongside other cosplays!

If anyone would like a more thorough post on how I constructed the corset, please do let me know =)

2016 Begins!

Welcome to the first post of 2016 =) You may notice a small change in schedule, I shall now be posting on Saturdays. This will hopefully help me stay on track with posting, especially since I’m upping my posts to every week!

I have various cosplay plans for this year and I thought I’d show you the most likely ones, as it were. I’m sure I’ll add more to the list as the year progresses, but these are ones I’ve either already agreed to be in a group with or I definitely want to get done this year!

We have
Sandplay Meiko – From The Sandplay, Singing of The Dragon
Fang – Final Fantasy XIII
Zelda – Hyrule Warriors
Judgement Knight – Legend of the Sun Knight
Steampunk Kairi – Kingdom Hearts
Queen Rapunzel – (arguably) Tangled (art by LeleDraw)
Festival Rikku – Final Fantasy X-2
Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII-2

In terms of conventions, my plans run as follows
MCM Comic Con May
MCM Comic Con October

But as always, I may yet make it to more events! These are the ones you can guarantee to see me at though =)

I have a vague plan to make 1 cosplay a month, but I have no idea how well that’s going to go! I’m on track so far – she says after merely a week into the year. I also want to do some other ‘normal’ sewing though, I’m just not sure when I can fit that in amongst everything else, oops!

So hey, I’m back! And this time, with every intention of posting regularly =) I might relax the schedule for the moment, whilst I get back into the swing of things. However, even if it’s not often, it should be regular. Today, this is just going to be a bit of a quick post, to mention my cosplay and convention plans for the rest of the year.

First up, we have EGX, which I’ll be going to on Sunday 27th only in order to support all the ECG peoples (it was also the only day they had tickets for when I decided to go!). I am going to take my camera and hopefully come back with enough video footage for a CMV and hopefully a few photoshoots thrown in as well, but we shall see what happens with that.

Cosplay wise, I’m hoping to make Edea from Bravely Default in her thief job. I say hoping, because it’s less than 3 weeks away and I haven’t started, but then, it should be a fairly simple cosplay to pull together so let’s hope that all goes well! Somewhat annoying, it’s practically impossible to find pictures of the job outfit online! So I cannot promise on the accuracy of the cosplay, although I will spend quite a bit of time staring at it in-game of course.

Then, as always, at the end of October is another MCM, which I will be going to for 3 days for a change – well 2 and a half since I have to work Friday morning! Plans for that are still fluctuating a little, but tentively we’re looking at Jibril from No Game No Life on Friday, Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist on Saturday (with a group) and Edea on Sunday. I’ll announce confirmed plans a little nearer the date =)

And then for the rest of the year? I’m not entirely sure! Hyper Japan and MCM Birmingham are on my horizon, but I honestly don’t know yet whether I really want to go or not. Whether there are more events for me or not, post October, I am hoping to make a good start on the many plans I have for 2016 =)

Photos of Rosa Progress

No, so like, I have a perfectly good excuse for leaving it over a month. I’ve been revising and examing and I’m almost done now and found a break to blog!

So let’s show you some of my Rosa progress yes?

So these are the boots. All very simple. Need to add the purple bits and the top bits.

They’re also very comfy. I wore them for a week in France in the snow. And then thought I should probably stop wearing them to make sure I didn’t break them before Expo =p

Let’s alternate sides shall we?

These was a rough attempt at getting the bun in the wig. I need to actually move it down a bit since this sat basically on top of my head and did not look good.
I’m waiting to get some more hairspray and wax before I do this properly, so I can basically cement it in place. And by waiting I mean being lazy and not going to a shop to get some.

These are some of the gems I made out of polymorph. Love this stuff! First time working with it, so they’re not perfect, but I shall improve. Have since had layers of mod podge, ready to be painted.

Capes capes capes capes!

I love capes. So swishy ❤

And yes, these are Rosa’s capes.

Patterns are all hand drawn and tbh, I’m pretty damn proud with how they look together.

So on the left we have the belts and pieces, roughly tucked and pinned in place. More detail to go, but almost there!
I just wanted to see how it was all going to fit together. Pretty damn close to the reference methinks.

And on the right, we have the bits of how I made the jewelled part on the belty pieces (what do I call them??).
Cut up some bamboo pieces, spray them gold.
Coloured some clear gems I found with nail varnish, and then, well, there you go!

Also, decided to make myself a new gunblade for Lightning, since I’m entering her into the masquerade and into Eurocosplay qualifiers.

Okay, I know it’s made out of cardboard, but shush.
I couldn’t afford anything more fancy (or rather, couldn’t justify it) and it only has to last 1 day. Not even that, one afternoon.
I’ve layered it with paper mache newspaper. Needs priming, sanding if I have time and then painting.

I still have a fair bit to do, and one more exam on Friday, but that gives me a week to find things before Expo. Let’s hope I can do it!

And here are my Expo plans, because I doubt I’ll get time (or even have a need?) to blog again before Expo. So we have God Tier Rose (Homestuck), Lightning (FFXIII) and of course Rosa (FFIV). Also wearing a normal version of Rose on the mornings, whilst I have photoshoots, since I wanted something more comfortable to wear whilst doing them.
Come say hi if you see me! =]


The remains of October Expo

You remember October Expo right? It was only 5 months ago. That’s barely anything.
I had a good Expo, lots of photoshoots (though I could have been more organised) and some fun cosplaying times!
Didn’t cosplay on Friday (at least, I have no memory of doing so xD) but I finally got to break out my finished Lightning cosplay on Saturday!! Had a small photoshoot (in the freezing cold) by the lovely Aaron


Unfortunately my gunblade bent when I was travelling to Expo, and so I struggled with it in the wind. And then to go home I decided to snap it completely so it would be easier to transport. This does however mean I need to fix it or remake it for May, when I hope to be in the masquerade with Lightning, but I still haven’t quite worked out what to do yet!

Had a quiet Sunday as Yeul. I wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable as her tbh. But I went into the masquerade for the first time! It was a little scary, but I’m glad I did it. I don’t think I was on stage for very long at all (of course, it felt longer to me at the time) but I can only learn.
I got some lovely photos back from Yuka, who managed to make me look much better than I felt I did!
I met her in October for the first time, after chatting a bit on Tumblr. She was lovely, and it was definitely a highlight of the weekend, meeting someone I admire =]


And as I mentioned, I did a bit of photography of my own! Various shoots for various people. It was a nice learning curve, and I’m only improving more. A small selection is below. I took hundreds of images of course, these are just some of my favourites =] (I’ve got more in my DA gallery here).



And that was October Expo!
Not long left til May now, but I’ll keep things a little more up to date =p
Will get some Rosa progress up here soon, between procrastinating on my revision and writing my report. You may even get a brief post about Birmingham Expo, but I’m planning a full one for Just Cosplay, so maybe look out for that instead!