August Favourites

To be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of favourites for this month, I guess mainly because it’s the first. Maybe one day these will become videos, but for my first monthly favourites lets just stick to a blog =)

Seaweed Facial Wash
This is perhaps an odd favourite, because I haven’t actually used it this month. It’s something I’ve been using for several years, but I decided to branch out and try some other face washes. I’ve been using the simple face washes, but to be honest, they’re not really doing it for me. The seadweed wash seems to be the only thing that keeps my face mostly spot free. I am very much looking forward to using up the Simple stuff, so I can justify buying some more of this and having nice skin again.

Rimmel Kate Matt Lipstick
I bought one of these lipsticks – 110 – for a makeup test for Miss Fortune. And then I decided to start wearing it on a daily basis, and I’ve suddenly fallen in love with wearing red lipsticks. The other one of these I really like is 107, which is a bit darker. These lipsticks are pretty long lasting and I really like the matt look.

I got this as part of my Glossybox last month. I’ve always stayed away from Carmex, since I wasn’t a big fan of the smell and it made my lips feel funny. But since I got given an entire pot, I thought I might as well start using it. Although there probably are better lipbalms out there, this is so much better than the vaseline I was using. It actually lasts for one. And now I don’t mind the smell as much =)

Best shop for cosplay supplies, just saying. This is a forever favourite really, but I’m forever going up there for paints and tapes and random bits and bobs. They also have pic’n’mix.

Now I’m going to go try to make September a more interesting month =p