The SEC Joins YouTube!

Before I begin, apologies for the shortages of posts lately. Real life, once again, got in the way, and posts have been sat in my drafts half written for the last 2 weeks! I will try harder from now on. And as if I needed more things to do, I have a super exciting announcement, that SE Cosplay is now on YouTube! -> Go subscribe!

Firstly, if you don’t know who or what SE Cosplay is, then you should join us ( and I’ll tell you that we’re a Square Enix fan group centred around cosplay. We’ve been running for just over 3 years and hit 1000 members before Christmas, which I think is pretty awesome! We have loads of ideas and plans for this year, of which YouTube is just one of the first.

I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while now – at least 2 years or so with any serious intent. But as it’s more time consuming than a blog, which I struggle to keep up with, I’ve just never found the time to do it. However, the SEC gives me another reason to do it. We already have an audience, and if even only half of them subscribe, that would be a pretty awesome start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not going to turn this channel into my own thing. It’s, hopefully, for all the admins to post videos, but I will probably be the one who tries to make it run smoothly. It will always remain relevant to the SEC though – vlogs of events, cosplay tutorials and anything else we can think of =p

Part of me is secretly hoping that if we can keep this up, it’ll encourage me to start my own personal YouTube channel! It would of course also have a cosplay base, but probably also more varied content. More generic sewing or crafty things, as well as non-sewing things (music and makeup perhaps?)

Moving on from that, take a look at the trailer we have for the channel. There’s also an introductory which says a little about what we’re expecting from the channel, worth watching as it’s not quite the same as this post =) Please give the videos a like and subscribe to see all our future content!


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