Slow Progress on Meiko

Cosplay progress had been a bit slow as of late. I am getting things done, just not quite at the rate I would like to. As such, though I had my vague plan for one cosplay a month, I can only claim Meiko to be half finished. I have been working a little on Fang in-between times, but not enough to make the difference.

 Regardless let’s show you what I have managed to get done =)

 The corset is well on its way to being done. In fact, all that’s left is added a trim to the top and, in all likelihood, hand sewing the bias down. It has 5 layers of fabric in it, so cutting out took a little longer than I had expected! Nonetheless, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s my first time making a steal-boned corset, but it all went smoothly and is comfy to wear. It’s a little wrinkled here and there, but it fits me much better than the mannequin as you can imagine!

 The skirt was an evening job, nothing too taxing! Layers of net half circle skirts simply bound together with a zip in the back. Unfortunately it is a little – and when I say a little, I mean quite a lot – big for me, so I will probably half to rip out the zip and redo it. But that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes hopefully!

 I’ve been putting off patterning the jacket (which is the only other real major part to this cosplay) but I finally managed to push myself into it the other night. I’m still not too sure how it’ll turn out, but watch this space as it’ll all need to be done within 2 months, alongside other cosplays!

If anyone would like a more thorough post on how I constructed the corset, please do let me know =)


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