2016 Begins!

Welcome to the first post of 2016 =) You may notice a small change in schedule, I shall now be posting on Saturdays. This will hopefully help me stay on track with posting, especially since I’m upping my posts to every week!

I have various cosplay plans for this year and I thought I’d show you the most likely ones, as it were. I’m sure I’ll add more to the list as the year progresses, but these are ones I’ve either already agreed to be in a group with or I definitely want to get done this year!

We have
Sandplay Meiko – From The Sandplay, Singing of The Dragon
Fang – Final Fantasy XIII
Zelda – Hyrule Warriors
Judgement Knight – Legend of the Sun Knight
Steampunk Kairi – Kingdom Hearts
Queen Rapunzel – (arguably) Tangled (art by LeleDraw)
Festival Rikku – Final Fantasy X-2
Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII-2

In terms of conventions, my plans run as follows
MCM Comic Con May
MCM Comic Con October

But as always, I may yet make it to more events! These are the ones you can guarantee to see me at though =)

I have a vague plan to make 1 cosplay a month, but I have no idea how well that’s going to go! I’m on track so far – she says after merely a week into the year. I also want to do some other ‘normal’ sewing though, I’m just not sure when I can fit that in amongst everything else, oops!


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