Lan Fan Progress

I’ve been working super hard in the last week or 2 to get everything finished for Expo and I’m on the last stretch now! I thought I’d go through all my Lan Fan progress today, she’s |–| this close to being complete.

The references aren’t great for her. Partly because half of them are manga, and for someone who wears mostly black and white, it’s slightly difficult to tell what’s what. The rest of the references aren’t bad, but she’s an annoying character who’s outfit changes ever so slightly as the series goes on! I’m cosplaying her from right at the beginning, but luckily, I found this detailed reference breakdown on DeviantArt which is what I’ve mainly been working off.

Let’s start bottom to top shall we?

For the shoes/boots I bought some cheap white pumps from Primark and made boot covers. These have yet to be stitched on to the shoes, but there’s still time! You may be able to see some glue from my first failed attempt when the fabric was just too short to really cover the shoe. You live you learn.

The trousers were made with Simplicity pattern something? (remind me to add this in later!). This gave me the slight poof I needed. I didn’t vary off the pattern, except to not bother with elastic in the legs. Since I’m wearing boot covers, ideally I want it to be as smooth as possible with no added bumps.
There’s little to say about the wasitband, except that, you know, it exists.

The top underneath I had been planning to make from scratch, but frankly I’ve run out of time for that. So instead I’m just going to wear a long sleeved black top. It’s baggy and mostly covered by the chest plate, so it’ll do.
Speaking of the chest plate, hmm. Mine has space for boobs. Ideally it shouldn’t, since Lan Fan is vaguely pretending to be male when you first meet her, so the chest should be flat. But circumstances the way they are, that isn’t something I can achieve. Instead, I used the breastplate armour pattern from Kamui (thinking about it, maybe I should have used the male one instead!) to give me the rough shape. I used black leatherette and wham bam it was done. One of the things that bugs me is that in the refs, sometimes it looks as though the edges of the chest plate are bound and other times it doesn’t. I’ve gone with not, if only to save time.

The armour is all craft foam covered in Worbla. I had quite a lot of fun making it actually, so I’d quite like to do a full armour project in the near future! I only used about 3 layers of wood glue to smooth it out, it may not be baby smooth but smooth enough I reckoned. I used a mix of silver spray paint and some normal silver paint to paint them (mainly because my spray paint ran out, oops, but it was left over from a previous project). I even bothered to weather them with some black paint, and they look so much better for it! Glad I did that and will continue to do so from now on.

The mask, ha! The mask. The mask is I suppose the reason why I’m doing this cosplay. Years ago (and years and years and years), I bought a cheap plasticy white mask from some art shop with the intention of using it for Lan Fan. I don’t think I ever expect to use it as was, but I certainly didn’t now. I used some air drying clay to build up the oddly square shaped nose and cut out the eyes and mouth. With this as a base, I used a large piece of Worbla to make the actually mask. I’m embarrassed about how bad the original chin looked – it was awful! So I had to cut it off and form a separate piece, which luckily all worked out in the end.
It got the same wood glue treatment as the armour and painted with acrylics. It’s not the best paint job, I apologise, so just don’t get too close!

The wig started off as a ponytail wig from Coscraft. I haven’t used the ponytail clip in, just the existing hair. I used a hair doughnut bun…thing…what are those things actually called? And copious amounts of pins to make the bun. It’s not perfect, but most of the time it should be hidden behind the hood.

The hood! The great masterpiece. It’s a tunnel of fabric. That’s is. Nice and simple.

Is that everything? I think so. Should be fun to wear. I’ll probably bring her out again next year, with the additions of the top home made and making the shin armour (which I decided to skip this time, oops?)


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