Edea, er, Progress!

It hardly feels fair to call this progress when it’s quite a simple cosplay! Nonetheless, lately, I’ve been working on Thief Edea from Bravely Default. I chose this cosplay partly because I had limited time to make something before EGX.
I used an old hoody I had (from a previous cosplay of Prussia from Hetalia) that had been lying around. I cut off the bottom and removed the pockets, then sewed the bottom back on higher up so I’d still have a nice finish. I used the cut off piece to make the hood a bit longer – it was definitely too short to start with! It’s not perfect, but it’ll do =)
The giant padlock was made of 3 layers of camping mat foam that I had lying around, worbla’d and primed with wood glue then spray painted. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the finish as I might normally, but I figure most people wouldn’t notice 😉

For doing the designs on the sleeves and the hood, I decided to try something new.
I used some interfacing on the reverse of my fabric as it was stretchy which makes it difficult to satin stitch on to – see last image for the difference between using it and not! I could have used an embroidery interfacing, but I had normal interfacing to hand and it made them almost like patches so that was fine. I started with a straight stitch to draw out the pattern which makes the fabric less likely to wobble as you satin stitch. I then used a narrow zigzag stitch to do the design properly. I did this from the back, which isn’t perhaps ideal as you can’t tell how it’s going to turn out, but it was the best option for me at the time.
I cut around the stitching and used a straight stitch to stitch each ‘patch’ into place. Ideally, I’d have probably wanted to use something like heat’n bond, but time was short and I wanted to get these done in time for EGX if nothing else!

Both the keys and sleeve design (I assume they’re meant to be locks?) were done in the same way. The locks took me about 40 minutes of work, the keys a little longer, simply because of the more fiddly design. Overall, I’m happy with them and they look much better than simply painting the design on. Actually quite pleased with how the embroidery turned out, last time I tried something like this it was a bit of a disaster! I suppose the design and the fabric make a world of difference.

Hopefully Edea will be coming out again at October Expo, but frankly, with the hoody done, there’s not much else to do! Really it’s just making a belt with some bags and I can dig up the other pieces from elsewhere =)


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