So hey, I’m back! And this time, with every intention of posting regularly =) I might relax the schedule for the moment, whilst I get back into the swing of things. However, even if it’s not often, it should be regular. Today, this is just going to be a bit of a quick post, to mention my cosplay and convention plans for the rest of the year.

First up, we have EGX, which I’ll be going to on Sunday 27th only in order to support all the ECG peoples (it was also the only day they had tickets for when I decided to go!). I am going to take my camera and hopefully come back with enough video footage for a CMV and hopefully a few photoshoots thrown in as well, but we shall see what happens with that.

Cosplay wise, I’m hoping to make Edea from Bravely Default in her thief job. I say hoping, because it’s less than 3 weeks away and I haven’t started, but then, it should be a fairly simple cosplay to pull together so let’s hope that all goes well! Somewhat annoying, it’s practically impossible to find pictures of the job outfit online! So I cannot promise on the accuracy of the cosplay, although I will spend quite a bit of time staring at it in-game of course.

Then, as always, at the end of October is another MCM, which I will be going to for 3 days for a change – well 2 and a half since I have to work Friday morning! Plans for that are still fluctuating a little, but tentively we’re looking at Jibril from No Game No Life on Friday, Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist on Saturday (with a group) and Edea on Sunday. I’ll announce confirmed plans a little nearer the date =)

And then for the rest of the year? I’m not entirely sure! Hyper Japan and MCM Birmingham are on my horizon, but I honestly don’t know yet whether I really want to go or not. Whether there are more events for me or not, post October, I am hoping to make a good start on the many plans I have for 2016 =)


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