Incoming Comic Con!

MCM Comic Con is now less than a week away!I hope everyone is managing to finish those last minute details on all of their cosplays, I know I am 😉

Every year I say to myself, I won’t leave things to the last minute. I have been better this year, much better in fact, but I probably could have done more earlier in the year. Still. I have nothing major left to finish, it’s just little details and finishes, which makes me feel okay about the whole thing.
So what am I wearing I hear you ask? (Okay, maybe not asking, but I’m telling).
I did post this on my Facebook page a few weeks back, once I had decided, but I thought a reminder wouldn’t hurt.

Saturday – Jibril from No Game No Life
Sunday – Lightning (Midnight Mauve garb) from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Friday I should also be there, but only as a photographer. Depending on the weather, I’m also planing to do some photography on the Saturday as well =)
Hope to see some of you there! =)

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