Wining a Giveaway

At the end of last week, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by the lovely Freya at The Dressmaking Diaries for a £10 voucher for Minerva Crafts! Thought I’d write a little quick post about what I decided to get.

I had said I would get some quilting fat quarters as I’ve love to start making quilts. When I started having a better look at the site, with the actual intention of buying something I realise 2 things.
1, I very recently bought some things from these people on ebay, I hadn’t made the connection before! But I think it was just some stabiliser for embroidery, so nothing fancy.
2, I suddenly remembered that some friends of mine got me a crochet book for my birthday last year. I’ll be honest, I have never crocheted in my life. But if I’ve got the book, I’d love to have a go and learn yet another new skill.

Turns out crochet hooks aren’t all that expensive, so I was able to choose a few fat quarters as well!

So currently sat in my basket are

It may strike you that I would be unable to get all the above for just £10, and you’d be right. I decided I wasn’t far from getting free postage, so added on the single fat quarters (because space). I then still had 45p to go, so bought the remnant scraps. Go figure that I’d choose something at the end that cost £5. Oh well, I’m very happy with my choices. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to make yet, aside from the ninja of course. I’m excited to find out though! Unfortunately, it may have to wait until after the wedding, we shall see.

I’ll be sure to post up progress as and when I use these things =)