Tainted Gloves: Part 1

I think we first need to establish one thing about making gloves; they’re the spawn of the devil. I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who’s enjoyed or found it easy to make them. You have to work with very small seam allowances which makes them hard to sew, but the smallest deviation from them can easily make the fingers not fit or give you gaping holes.

If you can, I’d suggest buying gloves. However, if you’re entering a big competition, you might not want to have a bought element to your cosplay. And sometimes, you need to match some fabric you already have. In the latter case, you might be able to commission someone to make them for you, but if you’re unlucky like me, and need gloves that both match your fabric and are for a competition, you have basically no choice but to make them yourself. Thankfully, there is one way to avoid most of your troubles, and that’s by using stretch fabric.

Seriously. It’s somewhat impossible to make gloves without using a stretch fabric (and if you’ve managed to make them, then you’re a better sewer than I). Whether it’s 2-way or 4-way, even a small amount of stretch can forgive a multitude of sins when sewing. If using 2-way, you need to be careful to have the stretch going the right way – across your hand side to side, not up and down fingers to wrist. There are essentially 3 ways to make gloves.

Using 4-way stretch
If you can use a 4-way stretch fabric, things are actually pretty easy for you. You just need to lay your fabric flat, 2 right sides together, draw around your hand and sew round that line. It’s that simple really. This also works pretty well if you are making fingerless gloves, though you do have the difficulty there of somehow hemming the tops of the fingers as getting such small curves into a sewing machine can be a nightmare. Tab of Kaos Kostumes has a great tutorial about making gloves from lycra¬†here, if you want some pictures and a bit more detail.

If you want to make a pair of gloves with proper gussets, it’s possible to make your own pattern. You need a latex glove of some description and then you wrap some strong tape all around your hand. You’ll then need to draw the lines on (down the side seam, between your fingers for the gussets and round your thumb), cut it on those lines and you have a pattern that should perfectly fit your hand! I’ll be honest, I tried this once, and it was the worst glove I ever made. The pattern pieces were slightly off and it ended up making the whole glove a bit wonky. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make it work. I don’t have a specific tutorial to suggest, but a quick Google search should bring plenty up.

Commercial/Printed pattern
Turns out, this is my preferred way to make gloves (if I ever get it right). Until I wrote this post, I’d never actually seen a commercial pattern but I’ve now seen a Vogue pattern for gloves. What I like to use though, is this¬†tutorial, with a printed template for gloves. Now if we assume I actually managed to get my stretch going the right way round, this is pretty easy to follow and gives a nice shape to the gloves.

There are of course probably a multitude of other ways to make gloves, knitting for example. You’ll probably have to try out a few methods to see what works the best for what you want to do. Next week, I’ll give you some detail on how I’ve actually managed to make my gloves and some of the problems I’ve had, so you can hopefully avoid them yourself. =)

Have you ever made gloves before? Do you think you ever will?


Sewing Projects

My attitude towards cosplay and sewing has changed within the last year or so. I’m much more pro ‘doing things properly’ than I used to be, you know, taking the time to finish off your seams, that kind of thing. And I think it’s proved – at least for me – by winning a judge’s award last year, for my Midnight Mauve dress which was the first cosplay I really took to heart ‘doing it right’. And just before I go on any further I would like to say, of course there is no real right or wrong way to do cosplay! But I think putting that extra care and attention in really makes all the difference.

Even more recently, I’ve found myself following various sewing or crafting blogs and is giving me loads of ideas of things to make. I’ve still got some cosplay things to do for Kitacon, but I’m going to try to weave in some other non-cosplay sewing. It might be that I don’t have time to do any of these until after the wedding, but a girl can dream! Here’s a few of the ideas I’ve seen lately that I’m planning to make for myself.

Flora dress – By Hand London
This is one of the first things I came across on my sewing blog venture. I love both the lace and the asymmetrical hem so I’ll probably make it much like you see in the photo!

Carolyn pyjamas – Closet Case Files
Because who doesn’t love a comfy pair of pyjamas? Plus, I like the idea of doing something a little different. I’d never need to make pyjamas for cosplay.

Vogue pattern V8766
I really want to introduce more dresses into my wardrobe, and frankly, the lace spoke to me again.

Vogue pattern V8877
Surprise surprise, more lace. I have a thing for lace clearly. I just like the contrast of it against the solid fabric.

Messenger Bag
I saw this after having though about getting a new bag, so why not make it myself? I’m very tempted to make this out of some leatherette I have lying around, but if not, I love the combination of grey and yellow here.

Work in Progress Bags
Something I’ve actually made a start on! I love finding new ways to store my cosplay, and I will eventually find a way that sticks. But I love the idea of being able to hold all the bits and pieces for one specific cosplay together. I have a WIP one of these at the moment which I’ll finish soon. Eventually, I’d like to have enough bags to hold all my work in progress cosplays (so that’s probably about 5 at any given time) and then some smaller ones for smaller projects or travelling.

Hopefully I’ll get some of these done in the next few months, and I’ll of course post up my progress.

Apologies for the lateness of this post as well. To make up for it I’ll do an extra one next week, how about that? =)