Ickle Photoshoot Teaser

Last week I trekked off to Holland Park with Ickle to take some photos of her Sandplay Miku cosplay. The weather was a bit cloudy when we arrived, but it started to brighten up after an hour or so!

I mainly wanted to practice my photography, so we weren’t looking for a specific quantity of shots – not that that’s a great thing to aim to in a photoshoot anyway. But it meant I spent some time playing around with settings, not all the photos are ones to keep but it should mean the ones we get are even better!

I’m not sure when I’ll get time to go through and edit these properly. I’ve got a really good base to work from, as it were, so I want to make sure I give plenty of time to making them look as good as they can be. Katy is, of course, as gorgeous as ever, I just want to play with the colours and lighting a bit.

I also took my steadicam along, and we got a few shots, but I’ve decided videography just isn’t for me. At least, I can’t juggle it alongside both photography and cosplay. So I shall be selling my steadicam.

Hopefully we’ll do this again! Next time I think with Shiro from No Game No Life =)

Have you ever done a photoshoot outside of a convention or event?


Fang Progress

I’ve got a few makeup basics/tutorials up my sleeve, but I thought I’d go ahead with something a bit easier to blog about today, plus I haven’t shown any cosplay progress in a while =)
Fang is a cosplay I’ve wanted to do for a while. Any remaining love for XIII that isn’t given to Lightning is pretty much all on Fang. I always intended to do her ‘properly’, in that I wanted to make her sari like an actual sari. I’ve changed the way I think about this now since this isn’t a competitive cosplay and I should just have fun making it, which involves making life slightly easier for myself.


Without flash
I was a bit iffy on choosing my fabric, I wanted something with a sheen or shimmer rather than pure cotton. I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with my choice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely fabric, I just think the colour is slightly off! I bought 100m of 4inch ribbon because that annoyingly that was the cheapest way to do it. I’ve started drawing and painting the design on but plan to spread this out over a longer period as I’m not in a particular rush with this. I’ve also got 2 different sizes of gold ribbons to sit either side.
With flash. Actually a much better representation of the colour
As for the rest of it, I made a small tank top out of some spare black jersey I had lying around although I have yet to slash the back (you can just see it in the above photos). Though it’s very simple, I’m pretty pleased of how well it fits. I’m probably going to buy some shorts rather than make them since you don’t even see them! (This is one of the previously mentioned ways of making my life easier).
I went bead shopping last weekend, only to find out that all the bead shops in London close on Sundays. How annoying. Instead I’m buying online which I will likely do soon. As for the boots, I plan to buy some cheapish sandles with a small heel and then make boot covers. I’ve got plenty of brown leatherette lying around, so that’ll be easy.
It’s nice to have a simple cosplay for a change.