EGX London 2014

Or Eurogamer as I still insist on calling it.

I first went 2 years ago as Lightning with a friend of mine as Auron, and we were probably 2 of only about 10 cosplayers there. This year felt so much bigger, and though cosplay wasn’t the main focus, it was good to see lots more people cosplaying. They also now have a cosplay area and a stage and events going on all day, so it’s become a proper part of the event now.

It still remains though, that the focus of the event is gaming and playing games. I feel like when I’m cosplaying, I get very little chance to play the games – partly just because it’s often inconvenient if you have (large) props or not the most comfortable of cosplays. Last time I went, we didn’t play anything, we just looked around. This time, we got to skip the queue to play Call of Duty (yay?), which we basically failed, miserably, at =p But it was nice to actually play something!

We stopped off at a couple more games (a new Project Diva game, some indie game based of Triple Triad from FF8 which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of) but mostly we were walking around and chilling.

I think in the future/next year, I’d like to go 2 days. One exclusively for looking around and gaming, and the other for cosplaying and whatever else there’s time to do! It’s a great shame to go to such an awesome event (and it really is quite awesome!) and not actually get to be involved with anything there!

I did however also get the chance to try out my steadicam, which I was quite excited for! I took some shots – though only of a couple of cosplayers – and hope to edit them together soon. I’m not looking for a fabulously amazing video, I just wanted to get a feel for doing it. So hopefully for MCM I can pull together a proper CMV =)

PS Sorry for skipping last week’s post! I was away all weekend, came back and I was really tired. I realise this week’s is also a day late, but shhh.


The Rest of 2014

There aren’t many months left in this year and there aren’t many more cosplay events happening. But I’ve still got a few to do, and I thought I’d do a run down of my plans for them =)

EGX London
Warrior Rikku – Final Fantasy X-2
Although to be honest, I’m highly considering dropping the cosplay, in order to focus on photography, but, in all likelihood I’ll end up trying to juggle the both of them! Hoping to try out my new steadicam =)

October MCM Comic Con
Saturday: Joker – Kuroshitsugi
Sunday: ???
In all honestly, I’m not 100% set on what’s happening for Expo, but I should be there, if only to keep an eye on the SEC on Saturday =) Which is why cosplay plans are kind of up in the air =p The two cosplays I had considered wearing, I’m now putting on hold. So it’ll probably end up being Rikku (again) or the Midnight Mauve garb if I get it done!

Distant Worlds
Lightning (Midnight Mauve garb) – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Okay, so I know Distant Worlds isn’t a convention, but there’s a bunch of us going and I’ll be in cosplay so I’m just going to count it anyway =p This is my aim date to get Mightning Mauve at least wearable for. It should definitely be possible, as long as I don’t get distracted or procrastinate!

Ooo, what I’m most excited for! I really don’t know what I’ll be wearing for this yet, it’s a case of seeing what’s finished and ready to wear! I may try to sneak in another cosplay between the end of Midnight Mauve and Auchi, but we shall see!!

And then comes a long break. And it may be even longer than you think….

Lightning: Makeup Test & Garbs

A large proportion of my past blog posts seem to be about Lighting, I wonder why. Current ones aren’t going to be much better!

I kind of feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with cosplay, and without going into detail about that now, I decided to stop making the cosplay I was doing yesterday and start something new today. I feel like I need a new project to start on, rather than trying to finish things that have been ongoing for a while. And I’ll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, so today I decided to do a makeup test for Lightning, since I needed to style my wig properly and why not?

And this is all because I want to make a start on all the garbs I want to do from Lightning Returns. Each one fits into a category or group so I want to make one from each group =) Midnight Mauve (the purple one in the middle) is the first one on my list at the moment! Hopefully I can start making it in the next couple of weeks, and then fingers crossed it’ll be wearable for Distant Worlds in November!