Starting Fresh

I thought I’d start fresh with an introductory post about what you may find on here =)
First off, I’m not deleting any of my old posts, so they’ll just sit there. But this is no longer going to be purely cosplay progress. I imagine I still will post an awful lot of cosplay since it’s a pretty big part of my life (or before 3 weeks ago, I seem to be having an extended break). Other things you may find on here are:
– Beauty/makeup
Recently I’ve really got into doing more with my makeup and trying to improve my skin – mostly after watching Zoella on Youtube. To that end I may end up posting some product reviews or favourites. Admittedly, a lot of it will apply to cosplay more than every day makeup, but since I use different things everday and for cosplay there will be some separate bits! And of course, some things, like skin care, apply to whether you’re a cosplayer or not =)
– Every day life
Okay, so I know that’s kind of a vague topic, but it will inevitably find it’s way here, and since I don’t actually spend 100% of my free time cosplaying, and I do actually plan to start having a life outside of it, hopefully I will have some interesting things to say!
– General geekery
Because I do play various games and I like to read and enjoy the ‘nerdier’ side of life.
And, hopefully, if life permits, I’m also going to start some bi-weekly (maybe, perhaps?) Youtube videos. I may find it good to write a short blog post to expand on the video, but that is mainly going to depend on the video!
So, there you go. That’s roughly what you might expect to see on here in the future. I’m aiming to update every Sunday to start with so I can see how that goes. If it needs to become more or less frequent or not constrained to a day, I shall try to keep myself flexible.
In the mean time, I hope you like what you see, and I hope to see you every Sunday afternoon from now on =)


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