Future Wonderings

Am thinking I may turn this blog into a more general cosplay blog. I would certainly mean I use it more often, but I’m not sure many people read it now or would indeed read more if I updated more often with some other stuff.

I’m not too sure on what kind of thing I mean.
A cosplay/er of the week/month is one obvious thing, but aside from that I’m not sure. Events only happen so often (least, the ones I can go to) and a lot of the time I have no progress because I can’t be making cosplay 24/7.
So I don’t know what else I’d blog about (feel free to throw out some ideas).

Aside from that, becoming more and more determined that I’m going to do a predominantly armour based cosplay one day. Part of me thinks that should be FFXIII-2 Lightning, but maybe I should do something a little bit easier to start with.
So I don’t know who that’d be, or when. I just know I’d love to make something like that one day.

Oh my god, Cecil. I wanted to do a Cecil cosplay.
That’s it, that’s decided. He will be my first predominantly armour cosplay.
Though I still have no idea when.


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