Tokonatsu 2012

So Tokonatsu last weekend! Went on holiday the day after, meaning I had to leave early, hence the delay in a blog. But I still had a great time =]

It wasn’t as cosplay intensive as I was expecting, but then, as I only had Lightning and Dragonite with me that was probably a good thing.

Wore Lightning for the majority of Saturday as I was in the masquerade, also managed to drag me in a Snow so I wasn’t alone =p
I am 90% sure that I won 3rd place!! As mentioned, I had to leave before the closing ceremony on Sunday so I only heard from a friend. Foxy told me he ‘had something for me’ too, so I’m taking that as a good sign.
Which means a win in my very first masquerade =3 Not something I expected to get!!

After the masq I changed into Dragonite to be a bit more comfortable and took a few pictures of some friends.
Rewore Dragonite again on Sunday morning and the lovely Jimbo took some photos for me.
It was only even intended to be a simple, easy and cheap cosplay, but man, do I love the photos from it.

Foxy took some photos of me as Lightning on Saturday, but it started to rain heavily so we didn’t get many photos and I haven’t really had a chance to go through them yet.
So, a short post, but Toko was a wonderful con =]
Full of friendly people and very relaxed. Very very much looking forward to going back next year =D