They be done!!

But first, just a brief point.
Last Saturday was Manchester Expo to which I gave Lightning her first test run. I put everything I had on the day before and I hated it. I just didn’t think I suited her at all. But it would have been a waste to not go and not wear it, so I went anyway.
And had a great reaction =3
Apparently I’ve managed to pull off that ‘doing her properly’ thing that I was aiming for. Sure, I had bits missing (the gloves and no gunblade) but everything else was done properly and not half-assed and was accurate as can be. I think that was recognised by people which made me happy =3
So I’m finishing her properly for Toko next week and will hopefully end up at least being satisfied, just about.

So anyway, gloves.
I had originally attempted to make them out of real leather. Bad idea. Zero stretch at all.
So then I realised I had several metres of a bright blue fabric to make them out of. Though it’d be easy, but from this fabric, the first attempt was too small around 2 fingers and the second was just badly shaped.
I decided to either wait and buy some more stretchy fabric or make pieces to go inbetween the fingers, giving me the space I needed.

Then I went on a brief shopping trip yesterday to buy some other cosplay supplies and ended up buying some small stretchy leggings from Primark. For £3.

Et voila. (Also shown is a previous attempt)

So let the lesson be learned. Gloves must be made out of stretchy fabric and all your woes will disappear.
Also, Primark is sometimes perfect for cosplay supplies (because I also got a £2 pair of shoes).

Lots of Lightning Progress!

Since I came home 3 weeks ago, by the lack of posting anything you’d think I hadn’t been doing anything with my time. Really, the opposite is  true as have spent a lot of that time sewing. Infact, Lightning is now very nearly finished. I will be wearing her this Saturday a the Manchester Expo. She won’t be complete in her entirety until Toko probably. But here, have a WIP montage picture =]

By Saturday, I will also have done her gloves (tried once (technically twice) and failed) and finished the fastenings on her jacket plus some other bits and bobs.
I really tried to get this done in plenty of time, but I feel like Friday night may be a late night considering I’m running off to London for 2 days =p